About Us

The DJ Revolution is a dance music culture website and news service for DJs & dance music fans.

How Did We Get Here?

With technology racing at lightning speed, the barrier of entry for new DJs getting started has lowered significantly in the last decade. The cumulative effect of this has seen more party DJs and ‘hobbyists’ bubble to the surface, which simply wouldn’t have been possible just 10 or 15 years ago.

Add-in the continued explosion of electronic music’s popularity in recent years (helped along by the internet), and we have ourselves a more vibrantly-healthy dance music community than ever before!

About Us, how did we get here - The DJ Revolution
About Us, how did we get here - The DJ Revolution
About us, what's our story - the dj revolution
About us, what's our story

What's Our Story?

Based out of Australia, The DJ Revolution is a network of established DJs, producers and dance music enthusiasts. In essence, what we wanted to do was create an online resource that the dance community could be proud of. Not just for your average raver and party-goer, but also for those with a passion for DJing.

We believe that dance music culture is all about people coming together and having a good time, from all walks of life. And at a time when unity has arguably never been so important, we intend to share that message with as many people as possible.

Serving The Dance Music Community

In service to the dance music community, and as passionate advocates of the scene, our mission is to become one of the leading online resources for dance music enthusiasts & DJs.

To keep in the loop with what we’re doing, or to join our rapidly growing community of DJs and dance music fans, head over to our signup page for more information.

For anything else, feel free to contact us directly or get involved on our socials via Facebook, Instagram and X.

About us, serving the dance music community - The DJ Revolution
About us, what's our story - The DJ Revolution