The 7 Best DJ Headphones For Any Budget in 2024 (editor picks!)

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Regardless of whether you’re a bedroom DJ or gigging professional, our team has carefully selected the 7 best DJ headphones to suit a range of budgets in 2024.

We’ll start at $30 (entry-level/beginner range) and gradually work our way up to the most expensive on the market, priced at around $350 US.

Note that all of the selections are based on real-world use in actual DJ gigs, either by myself or members of our team.

What are the best headphones for DJs in 2024?

Here’s a quick snapshot of the list before we dive in. If you wish to skip ahead, simply click on one of the links below:

  1. OneOdio Studio Pro 10 ($35)
  2. Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1BT ($100)
  3. Sennheiser HD 25 ($150)
  4. Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX $150)
  5. AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ XE ($140)
  6. V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Master ($250)
  7. Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10 ($350)
photo of DJ headhones on a DJ controller (editor picks)

Characteristics of DJ headphones 

As referenced frequently in this post, these are the characteristics that you’d want to see in a decent set of DJ headphones:

  • Sufficient bass response: As well as generally being louder, DJ headphones will generate more bass than consumer or studio headphones would. This is necessary for monitoring a DJ mix in noisy environments such as bars & clubs, etc.
  • Noise-isolation: DJ headphones should provide excellent noise-isolation to block external noise from getting in.
  • Durability/build quality: Especially for mobile and wedding DJs (with all that travelling, packing up, messy parties, etc.), your headphones will likely take a bit of a beating over time. Fortunately, DJ headphones are typically more robust compared to others.
  • Other design functions: DJ headphones should be well-padded, lightweight and easy to adjust. These are all essential for comfort and extended use/longer DJ sets.
  • For professional use: Whether coiled or straight, all DJ headphones typically come with a long, heavy-duty cable for professional use.

On-Ear vs Over-Ear

Before we jump in, let’s quickly look at the key differences between On-Ear and Over-Ear designs when it comes to DJ headphones.

As their name implies, ‘On-Ear’ headphones are designed to sit on top of your ear, whilst ‘Over-Ear’ headphones will completely (or mostly) cover them.

Some DJs prefer Over-Ear as they’re better at shutting out background noise, making it easier to monitor incoming tracks in noisy bars & clubs. On the potential downside, this design is more likely to make your ears hot and uncomfortable, especially during longer DJ sets.

Although neither option is necessarily better, On-Ear headphones tend to be lighter, offering more minimalist designs, which many DJs prefer.

Anyway, let’s get into it — here are the 7 best headphones for DJs in 2024!

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1. OneOdio Studio Pro 10 DJ Headphones


As far as budget DJ headphones go (they’re only $30!), we have to say that the Pro-10s from OneOdio get all the basics right.

After testing them ourselves, these things are plenty loud enough, offering crisp highs and a pronounced bass output, which is just what you need for mixing in noisy environments! They’re also very well-padded and lightweight, with rotating ear cups and an extendable headband that would fit most people.

For the price, you really can’t go wrong, although just be aware they might get a little uncomfortable when wearing them for longer DJ sets as the ear cups are quite small. And whilst these are not a premium set of cans, you wouldn’t expect them to break anytime soon.

In addition to the main 9ft coiled cable, the Pro-10s come with a second cable with an inline Mic on for taking calls, both of which come detached from the headphones. What’s more, they’ve got over 30,000 reviews on Amazon averaging 4.5 stars, which is also worth mentioning.

Approximate price:

$30/35 US | €30 Euro | £25 GBP | $45 AUD

Key features/specs:

Budget over-ear DJ headphones
Input jacks: 1/8″ plug, 1/4″ adapter
Speaker: 50mm driver
Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
Cable 1: 9.8ft coiled cable
Cable 2: shorter cable with Mic

Best places to buy:

If you want a better variety of colours to choose from compared to Amazon, grab the Pro-10s directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Note: Commissions may be earned from the above links. See our affiliate declaration.

2. Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1BT


Next up we have the HDJ-CUE1BTs from Pioneer DJ – their entry-level on-ear DJ headphones!

Released in 2020, Pioneer has touted one of the key selling points as ‘durability’, and we’d have to agree. Despite being all plastic on the outside, the build quality is great, and they look and feel professional.

The classic Pioneer headband provides sufficient padding with plenty of elasticity to fit most people, with the right amount of clamping force providing you only have them on your head when you’re monitoring a mix …which is pretty standard for on-ear designs that press against your ears. The ear cups swivel 90 degrees and also rotate slightly on their axis, which is perfect for single-ear listening and positioning them on your head in the mix.

Sound-wise, the HDJ-CUE1BTs are definitely loud enough and don’t distort at higher volumes. Most notably, the bass response has a real punch to it (which many DJs will like), and they also perform extremely well with regard to noise isolation.

This model also has Bluetooth (for casual listening only), making them a great all-rounder choice around the $100 mark. If you don’t want Bluetooth, the regular model (Pioneer DJ HDJ-CUE1) are about $30 cheaper. Note: the sound quality is the same on both models.

As far as the ‘best DJ headphones for beginners’ is concerned – or more accurately: the best DJ headphones under $100 for professional use — this is our official pick!

Approximate price:

$100 US | €90 Euro | £75 GB | $135 AU

Key features/specs:

On-ear DJ headphones
Input jacks: 1/8″ plug
Speaker: 40mm dome drivers
Frequency response: 5Hz – 30KHz
Cable 1: 1.3m coiled cable (extended length 1.8m)
Cable 2: USB charging cable
Bluetooth functionality (standard version 5.0)
Weight: 250 grams
More resources: Watch Pioneer’s intro video or visit the manufacturer’s product page.

Best places to buy:

Buyer notes: Models come in black, red or white, with matching ear pads and cables (these are replaceable). You’ll also need to buy a 1/4 inch adapter (the metal screw bit) separately as Pioneer doesn’t provide one in the box.

Note: Commissions may be earned from the above links. See our affiliate declaration.

3. Sennheiser HD 25


Following on nicely, we have the massively popular HD 25s from Sennheiser. These are an on-ear design for professional DJs, and some would say the ‘industry standard’!

Their minimalist design allows them to be extremely lightweight (they’re technically the second lightest on this list, but only by a few grams!), with a unique split headband for extra customization and comfort.

Despite the all-plastic build the HD 25s are extremely robust, and they’re capable of handling high sound levels without any distortion. Noise isolation is also very good considering they’re an on-ear design, and the rotatable capsule makes single-ear listening super easy.

With regards to sound, it depends on individual preference. These things have a notoriously neutral (or balanced) sound compared to most DJ headphones on the market. In other words, whilst it’s more than sufficient, the bass isn’t as dominant. This allows the mids and highs to come through more, which many DJs prefer.

At $150, many pro DJs would argue that these are your best option at this price point, or just in general! Another great selling point with the HD 25s is that ALL the parts are replaceable.

Approximate price:

$150 US | €135 Euro | £115 GBP | $200 AUD

Key features/specs:

Over-ear professional DJ headphones
Input jacks: 1/8″ plug, 1/4″ adapter
Speaker: 41mm drivers
Frequency response: 16Hz – 22KHz
Cable: 1.5m straight single-sided cable
Weight: 140 grams
Visit the manufacturer’s product page here.

Best places to buy:

Buyer notes: By default, the HD 25s come with a detachable, single-sided cable. If you want a coiled cable you’ll need to buy it separately. Also note that the ‘Plus’ version of the headphones are identical to the regular HD 25s …the only difference is they come with a spare cable and spare ear pads in the box.

Note: Commissions may be earned from the above links. See our affiliate declaration.

4. Pioneer DJ HDJ-CX


Released in March 2022, the HDJ-CX are professional on-ear DJ headphones from Pioneer DJ – similar in many ways to the Sennheiser HD 25s that we’ve just covered.

With their super-minimalist design, the HDJ-CXs are the lightest headphones on this list (4 grams lighter than the Sennheisers). Despite this, they have a robust construction that passes a U.S. military standards shock test.

As for comfort and adjustability, the super-skinny (yet durable) 1cm thick stainless steel headband is very flexible and creates minimal intrusion on your skull. The headband cushion and ear pads are made of soft nylon, so they feel very comfortable. As on the Sennheiser HD 25s, the ear cups slide up and down each side and also rotate 90 degrees in both directions.

The bass reflex chambers bring plenty of response on the low end. Because of this, the highs perhaps don’t come through quite as crisply compared to the Sennheisersbut again, it’s down to personal preference. We found that the noise isolation was also very good HDJ-CXs, so no complaints there.

Perhaps more suitable for a smaller head, you might describe the HDJ-CXs as the ‘’minimalist’’, or even ‘’petit’’ option with regards to style/aesthetics. And at $150 (USD), they’re a close alternative to the Sennheisers, for sure – offering that slightly more enhanced bass response but without the replaceable parts.

Approximate price:

$150 US | €135 Euro | £115 GB | $200 AU

Key features/specs:

On-ear professional DJ headphones
Input jacks: 1/8″ plug, 1/4″ adapter
Speakers: 35 mm dynamic drivers
Frequency response: 5Hz – 30KHz
Cable 1: 1.2m coiled cable (3m extended length)
Cable 2: 1.6m straight cable (3m extended length)
Weight: 136 grams
More resources: Watch Pioneer’s intro video or visit the manufacturer’s product page.

Best places to buy:

Buyer notes: The HDJ-CX come with a spare set of ear pads and also a ‘plug adapter holder’ to put the 1/4 inch screw bit in, which clips onto the cable so you don’t lose it.

Note: Commissions may be earned from the above links. See our affiliate declaration.

5. AIAIAI TMA-2 XE Modular DJ Headphones


Next up we have the TMA 2 DJ XE modular on-ear DJ headphones from Danish company AIAIAI. These are the latest edition in their TMA-2 DJ headphone line released in June 2023.

As one of their major selling points, the brand makes it super-easy to customize your own pair, with the option to interchange the headband, ear pads, drivers, and all the cables.

As well as looking slick & stylish (in a minimalist sense), the TMA 2s are also the go-to ‘eco-friendly’ option, with each component specially made using sustainable materials, as is the packaging they arrive in.

Comfort-wise, the ear pads are made from nylon and contain memory foam, making them extremely comfortable. For monitoring purposes, the clamping force on your head is also about right (meaning you wouldn’t want them on your ears constantly, same as with all on-ear designs).

Because of the ‘modular’ system (interchangeable parts), if you don’t like a particular aspect of the headphones when they arrive you can easily change out that component. Say for example you need headphones for music production, you could order the drivers with a ‘flatter’ response (less bass heavy) and also the larger over-ear ear cups designed for studio use.

In summary… whilst the TMA-2 XE are extremely lightweight, they also feel solid. If you like the sound of 100% customizable, eco-friendly headphones that look, feel and sound great for under $150, look no further.

Bear in mind the TMA 2 DJ XE are already optimized for DJing on arrival. The different components come individually wrapped, so you’ll need to assemble the headphones yourself …which is easy to do.

As a brand, the AIAIAI range is famously used by Richie Hawtin, Charlotte de Witte and many others – so what’s not to like!

Approximate price:

$140 US | €130 Euro | £110 GB | $220 AU

Key features/specs:

Modular DJ headphones
Input jacks: 1/8″ plug, 1/4″ adapter
Speakers: 40mm drivers
Response frequency: 80 Hz
Cables: 1.5 m straight cable
Weight: 168 grams
Product page: here

Best places to buy:

Buyer notes: You’ll need to assemble them yourself when they arrive. You can make a custom order via their website. For a better understanding of what to expect when they arrive and more about the ‘DIY’ aspect of the headphones, check out this short video on YouTube.

Note: Commissions may be earned from the above links. See our affiliate declaration.

6. V-Moda Crossfade M-100 Master


Second to last, we’ve got the Crossfade M-100 Master from V-Moda. This is their latest & flagship model of wired headphones. Known for their unique hexagon ear cup design and stylish looks, they were developed to ‘achieve ultimate comfort, sound quality and durability’.

Thanks to a steel frame, super-flexible SteelFlex headband (great for single-ear monitoring) and their 3D mesh exterior, the M-100 Master are without doubt one of the most robust DJ headphones on the market.

With regards to comfort, they’re surprisingly lightweight, and the large vegan leather cushions and headband both contain memory foam, making them extremely comfortable for extended use (the leather is resistant to sweat).

Another reason the M-100 Master are so popular is the customizable/interchangeable shields on the outside of each ear cup. By default, the shields are black or silver, although you can choose various other colours, put your logo on there, you name it.

They have a cool 3D design studio on their website, as you can see below:

Image showing the 3-D design studio on their website

The dual-diaphragm 50mm drivers with Japanese CCAW coil technology (Copper-clad aluminium wire) allow the headphones to deliver a powerful bass response without sacrificing the mids and highs, which are both incredibly clear & crisp.

In summary: the M-100 Master are a hugely popular choice among EDM DJs, gamers, and audiophiles in general, and they also have countless testimonials online from loyal customers who swear by their durability and balanced sound. Priced at $250 US, if you want a multi-purpose set of premium DJ headphones that are going to last for years then look no further!

Approximate price:

$250 US | €225 Euro | £190 GB | $330 AU

Key features/specs:

Professional Over-ear DJ headphones
Input jacks: 1/8″ plug, 1/4″ adapter
Speakers: Duel-diaphragm 50mm drivers
Frequency response: 5Hz – 40KHz
Cable 1: 1-button microphone cable
Cable 2: Reinforced extended cable
Weight: 290 grams
Visit the manufacturer’s product page here.

Best places to buy:

Buyer notes: They come with a 2-year manufacturer warranty and everything you need in the box including a softshell case, folding up nicely under the headband making them more compact. Whilst they do come with a long heavy-duty cable, if you want a coiled cable you’ll need to order one separately from their website.

Note: Commissions may be earned from the above links. See our affiliate declaration.

7. Pioneer DJ HDJ-X10


Finally, we have the HDJ-X10s. These are Pioneer’s flagship over-ear DJ headphones!

If we start with durability; these things are surely the market leader in terms of robust construction. With military-grade certification, the headband has been tested 20,000 times, and they’ve also cleared the US Military Standard Shock test.

The classic Pioneer headband is extendable, providing loads of padding and elasticity. Despite having lots of metal components and a chunky design, the HDJ-X10s are also very lightweight and provide the right amount of clamping pressure on your head (they’re very comfortable!). In addition, the ear cups also have a 90-degree ‘auto-return’ swivel, making monitoring super-easy in a variety of positions.

With regards to sound quality, the new voice coil design allows for tighter bass notes, detailed mids and crisp highs, whilst the 50mm high-definition drivers (upgraded from the previous HDJ-2000MK2s) have plenty of power, offering a frequency range from 5 Hz to 40 kHz.

Cutting through the marketing speak, the HDJ-X10s are extremely well balanced, with a low-end that’s not overpowering or ‘muddy’ in any way. Because of this, we’d be happy to use these in the studio as well. With help from the ‘sound insulation chamber’, they also eliminate external noise incredibly well, as you’d expect from the design.

Another nice (and premium) selling point is that the polyurethane leather used for the ear pads and headband has a Nano coating on it. This is resistant to sweat, dirt and general deterioration.

In summary: if you want the best over-ear DJ headphones the industry leader (Pioneer) has to offer, then look no further. Legends such as Carl Cox, Roger Sanchez and James Zabiela have all endorsed the HDJ-X range – so there isn’t much not to like! The main models come in black or silver, retailing at $350 US!

Approximate price:

$350 US | €320 Euro | £270 GB | $470 AU

Key features/specs:

Professional Over-ear DJ headphones
Input jacks: 1/8″ plug, 1/4″ adapter
Speakers: 50mm dome drivers
Frequency response: 5Hz – 40KHz
Cable 1: 1.2 m detachable coiled cable (3 m extended length)
Cable 2: 1.6 m detachable straight cable
Weight: 328 grams
More resources: Watch Pioneer’s intro video (for the series) or visit the manufacturer’s product page.

Best places to buy:

Buyer notes: As well as a 2-year manufacturer warranty, the HDJ-X10s come with a compact carry case with room for USB and SD cards. All the parts are replaceable.

If you like these headphones but can’t justify spending $350, others in the series include the HDJ-X7s priced at $200 (similar in many ways to the HDJ-X10s), or even the entry-level HDJ-X5s at $100.

Note: Commissions may be earned from the above links. See our affiliate declaration.


Do you need special headphones for DJing?

Yes, it’s preferable! For a start, as well as generally being louder, DJ headphones will generate more bass than consumer or studio headphones would. They are also more durable, come with heavy-duty cables, and are the best at noise isolation…ie blocking external noise from getting in.

What features should I look for in DJ headphones?

When choosing DJ headphones, prioritize factors like bass response (is it sufficient and to your preference?), durability/build quality, noise isolation, comfort, and other design features such as swivelling ear cups. For professional use, you’ll also want long, heavy-duty cables.

What is the difference between closed-back and open-back DJ headphones?

Closed-back DJ headphones have sealed ear cups for sound isolation, minimizing external noise and preventing sound leakage. Open-back headphones have perforated ear cups, offering a more natural sound but allowing some sound to escape. Closed-back is ideal for loud environments and monitoring, while open-back provides a more spacious soundstage but may not be suitable for noisy surroundings.

What are some popular DJ headphone brands?

Notable DJ headphone brands include Pioneer DJ, Sennheiser, AIAIAI, Audio-Technica, V-Moda, Beyerdynamic, and Sony. Whilst you’ll want to do your homework based on your needs & budget, these brands are generally respected within the DJ community for their build quality, sound accuracy, and durability.

Can Studio headphones be used for DJing?

They can, but it’s not ideal in our opinion. Studio headphones are designed to put out a ‘flat frequency response’. Whilst the mids and the high frequencies will be more crisp and clearer compared to DJ headphones, the bass isn’t as dominant, and they’re just not as loud, which makes it harder to mix in noisy environments.

Can you DJ with wireless headphones?

It’s not advisable. Whilst some DJ headphones come with Bluetooth functionality, it’s not designed for professional monitoring purposes due to the delay. Although the technology is constantly improving, and we will get there pretty soon, there are currently no DJ-specific wireless headphones on the market.

More buyer’s guides:

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