7 of the Best Online DJ Courses in 2024

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In this simple guide, I’ll lay out 7 of the best online DJ courses in 2024. For full context, I highly recommend reading the few short sections below before diving in.

We’ll address exactly WHO the courses are best suited to as we go through the list.

To be clear…. when I say best online ”courses”, I actually mean the best online course PROVIDERS., so they’re either a specific DJ school or an online learning platform of some sort. Many of them offer multiple DJ courses, which we’ll discuss.

What are the best online DJ courses?

Here’s a quick snapshot of the different course providers we chose.

The selection is based on key criteria such as quality & substance of the content, market credibility of the brands, social proof (testimonials, etc.), and overall value for money.

  1. Point Blank Music School
  2. Digital DJ Tips
  3. Club Ready DJ School
  4. Pete Tony DJ Academy
  5. Crossfader
  6. DJ Courses Online
  7. Skillshare
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Why spend money on an online DJ course?

It’s an understandable thought process when you’re learning to DJ online: ‘’Why would I spend money on a DJ course when I can watch free videos on YouTube!?’’

You may also have heard veteran DJs dismiss their credibility by saying something like: ‘’When I started out 20 years ago, I figured everything out myself through trial & error’’ (this one I can personally relate to).

In an attempt to address points like these, I’ve created a shortlist of 5 reasons why I think THE RIGHT online DJ course might be worth the money.

Let’s take a look…

  1. Because of technology and the internet, navigating through all the ‘noise’ is way more complex than it was 10-20 years ago (think about the different DJ setups, software, the availability of music, marketing channels, and so on).
  2. The right online course (and/or tutor) can offer a clear direction, potentially saving you months or even years of messing around and watching random videos on YouTube.
  3. With so much free information available online these days (not to mention the fiercely competitive online learning space), course providers have to go above and beyond to deliver value in their paid courses.
  4. With so many people trying to become DJs these days, you can’t just ‘’wing it’’ anymore if you want to be successful.
  5. The top DJ schools have TONS of LENGTHY testimonials that speak for themselves.

Before we jump in

It’s crucial to know who to trust before you spend your hard-earned cash on some random DJ course.

Put it this way: As passionate DJs ourselves, and as a DJ blog, we understand this market better than most!

Whilst there are other DJ courses out there, I believe the courses on this list are some of the best anywhere on the internet right now. And depending on your circumstances, I’m happy to recommend all of them for one reason or another.

So then, with that out of the way, these are 7 of the best online DJ Courses in 2024 (the best course providers)!

1. Point Blank Music School

point blank music school - best online dj courses


Representing one of the staples in the industry, Point Blank London started as a commercial recording studio in 1994 and has since grown to become one of the world’s most popular music schools.

As well as physical premises located in Los Angeles, China, Ibiza and Mumbai, they also have online offerings for aspiring DJs and music producers, which we’ll look at.

No. of online DJ courses: 3‘Essential DJ Skills’ | ‘Creative DJ Skills’ | ‘DJ Skills in Depth’
Approximate cost:Starting at £765 (£280 per month + £50 reg fee)

Pros & Cons:

Best industry reputationEasily the most expensive
Excellent testimonialsScheduled start times
Best music production crossover

More details/Conclusion:

With expert teaching staff and student support services (it’s literally an online university), you’re investing in more than just a bunch of videos with Point Blank. As well as offering DJ courses, it’s one of the best places to study music production, sound engineering, the music business, singing, and radio production.

If we focus on the DJ courses specifically:

Targeted mostly at beginners, ‘’Essential DJ Skills’’ provides a foundation for aspiring DJs looking to start a DJing career. Taking just three months to complete, the course covers a wide spectrum of DJ techniques, music theory and more, teaching students how to DJ using industry-standard tools such as Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox.

The “Creative DJ Skills” course, on the other hand, is designed for intermediate & advanced-level DJs. Again taking three months to complete, these units encourage creativity and experimentation, delving deeper into harmonic and acapella mixing, scratching techniques, compiling & editing DJ mixes, using audio effects, and so much more.

Both courses taken in conjunction are then packaged together as “DJ Skills in Depth”. This is designed to leave no stone unturned and takes six months to complete. By the end of it, you’ll be equipped with all the technical knowledge and creative concepts you’ll need to be a professional DJ and to play live sets.

Regardless of which option you choose, you’ll also get personal advice on one-to-one tutorial sessions, industry tips, and access to course materials… asking all the questions you want.

Now obviously it’s not the cheapest, although Point Blank is easily the most reputable online university and DJ School in the industry, and you get other perks you wouldn’t necessarily get with competing online courses. Additionally, you can study at a time and place that suits you and you’ll get access to the wider Point Blank community.

Alumni of Point Blank programs have included the likes of Patrick Topping, Nicole Moudaber, and even Radio 1 legend Pete Tong – so it’s safe to say you’re in pretty good hands!

For more information, get the full rundown of the DJ Skills courses here. All three courses run 4 times throughout the year, and we recommend getting in touch with any questions at the bottom of that page via live chat or email.

Overall Rating:

2. Digital DJ Tips

Digital DJ Tips online DJ courses


Next up, we have Digital DJ Tips. It was founded in 2010 by Phil Morse, a former DJ & club promoter from Manchester in the UK. As one of the world’s leading online DJ schools, they’ve helped over 30,000 students around the globe.

In their own words, the courses are ‘’designed for DJs and DJ/producers who’ve always wanted to learn to DJ but never got around to it, teaching everything from mixing and scratching to making music and starting your own DJ business.’’

Total courses:25+
Cost:$297 – $497 US (aprox/each)

Popular courses:

The Complete DJ CourseScratching For Controller DJsThe New Mobile DJ Blueprint
James Hype’s Mixing SkillsLaidback Luke’s Creative DJingMixing Power Skills
House Mixing MasteryRekordbox Made Easy

Pros & Cons:

Excellent industry reputation Relatively expensive
Plenty of options
Best mobile DJ offering

More details/Conclusion:

Digital DJ Tips courses come under 5 different umbrellas: ‘Complete Courses’, ‘Mixing Courses’, ‘Production Courses’, ‘Software and Hardware Courses’ and ‘Specialized Courses’.

One of the ‘complete courses’ (that’s the $497 price) is their flagship The Complete DJ Course – touted as ‘the right place to start if you’re new to DJing or returning to the game after a break’. The course covers Phil’s five pillars for DJing success: ‘gear’, ‘music’, ‘techniques’, ‘playing out’ and ‘promoting yourself’ – the same framework he uses in his best-selling book, ‘Rock The Dancefloor’.

In addition to their market credibility, the sheer number of courses they offer is just one of the key selling points for Digital DJ Tips, with something for just about everyone in the digital DJ’ing sphere – regardless of experience or skill level.

In their course productions (typically in their ‘mixing courses’), they’ve also partnered with famous DJ producers like Jazzy Jeff, Laidback Luke, James Hype and others.

If I had to pick out something specific, they have a really good ‘complete’ course for aspiring Mobile DJs called ‘The New Mobile DJ Blueprint’. It doesn’t have much competition in the market, either, if that’s your direction.

Whilst some might perceive their prices as quite high we think they’re well worth the investment. Check out their full list of courses here.

Overall Rating:

3. Club Ready DJ School

Best online DJ courses in Australia: Club Ready DJ School


Next, we’ve got Club Ready DJ School based in Sydney, Australia. It’s headed up by resident DJ and club promoter of over 15 years, Andrew Duffield.

Sneaking in below the radar, Andrew has helped thousands of students both locally and internationally for more than 5 years now, regularly getting them club shows with events he’s affiliated with. His flagship online course focuses on getting his students ‘’Club Ready’’.

Total DJ courses:4 (includes his flagship ‘Club Ready DJ Course’, priced at $135)
Cost:Various ‘packs’ start at $95 (USD)

Courses, packs & modules:

Club Ready DJ CourseAdvanced Performance PackClub Pack
Controller To Club MinicoursePreparing To Play LiveMarketing 101
Industry InsightsLearn to DJ

Pros & Cons:

Tons of excellent testimonials No DJ/producer offering
Best option for beginners & hobbyists
Great value for money

More details/Conclusion:

Now with over 20 years of DJing and teaching experience, music is truly Andrew’s passion, and it shows in the quality and overall delivery of his courses.

If we look at the flagship ‘Club Ready DJ Course’: it’s a guided step-by-step 4-week program (all online) that will ‘‘transform your mixing skills and confidence behind the decks’’.

Each week, students receive several videos, goals, and homework assignments, with each lesson building off the last. Andrew says: ‘’By the end of it, you’ll know how to mix any genre at a standard good enough to play live’’.

Once complete, you’ll also be sent a graduating certificate – which basically means Andrew and his team are confident you’re ready to hit the live scene.

Catering for all skill levels, Andrew’s courses are best suited to aspiring club DJs (the clues in the name), passionate hobbyists, and beginners. It’s worth noting here: Even self-proclaimed music lovers have left lengthy testimonials about how much they love the courses.

Depending on what course bundle you choose, Andrew sometimes includes member access to his ‘Club Ready Tribe’, and also direct access to himself for things like feedback on mixes, etc.

Either sign up for the free mini course (this is perfect if you want to get a taster of Andrew’s content before you buy and for beginners) or buy the full course here. Also, check out this full review we did.

Overall Rating:

4. Pete Tong DJ Academy

Pete Tong DJ Academy - online DJ course


Easily the newest-to-market DJ course on our list, launched in April 2022, is the Pete Tony DJ Academy – or ‘PTDJA’. It’s the first comprehensive DJ course curated by industry heavyweights at a sensible price point.

In addition to Pete himself, tutors of the course include electronic music’s leading DJ producers such as Jamie Jones, Nicole Moudaber, TSHA, and Carl Cox.

Total DJ courses:1 (broken into beginner and advanced units)
Cost:$397 for advanced units only / $447 for the full course

Pros & Cons:

A-list tutorsRelatively expensive
Comprehensive programNew-to-market / limited testimonials
Unique benefits

More details/Conclusion:

Whilst we don’t have massive amounts of feedback on this course yet, it looks like a pretty safe bet from where we’re standing. Interestingly, their marketing team are boldly describing it as ‘the most complete DJ course’.

Kicking off with a module on mindset, the beginner lessons cover all the fundamentals of the DJing craft: think beat-matching, gear setup, counting & phrasing, etc.

The advanced modules then cover everything else that wouldn’t be considered as ‘’the basics’’, such as effects, looping, mixing in key, sampling and so on. In addition, non-technical aspects are also covered: things like getting bookings, networking and DJ etiquette.

Assuming you take the full course (based on the price structure, it’s a no-brainer), you’ll also be put into a ‘’talent pool’’.  This is where they select the best students to play at partner clubs and on affiliated radio shows. And whilst there are certainly no guarantees here, it’s still a nice little add-on.

Furthermore, you also get a dedicated tutor that will accompany you as you go. So you can ask all the questions you want!

Head over to their website here for more information. The course is co-founded by Pete Tong and Carl Cox in partnership with Beatport and Defected.

5. Crossfader

Crossfader DJ courses


Founded by Jamie Hartley in 2014, Crossfader is a UK-based online DJ school and community. They provide hardware and software-specific DJ courses based on what DJ setup you use or what skill level you’re at.

In addition to being ‘gigging’ DJs themselves, Jamie’s team are also passionate about teaching their craft to others, with technology (mostly DJ controllers & software) at the centre.

Total DJ courses:18 (10 x beginners, 5 x intermediate, 3 x ‘creative’)
Cost:$80 – $125 each (USD)

Popular courses:

Traktor DJ CourseSerato DJ CourseDenon DJ Prime Course
Complete Scratching CourseVirtual DJ CoursePioneer XDJ Course
Pioneer DDJ-400 Course

Pros & Cons:

Best controller-specific optionsNo complete courses
Good for hobbyists & beginnersNot a silver bullet to success

More details/Conclusion:

Thanks to his popular YouTube channel, it’s another face that many DJs are likely already familiar with: Jamie Hartley’s over at Crossfader. Their DJ gear reviews are one of the most watched online, having gathered over 50 million views since the channel started in late 2014.

With such a huge market for DJ controllers these days, Jamie has tried to make it as easy as possible for aspiring DJs to get started with his online DJ courses – and he’s done a pretty good job!

As with all the best online DJ schools, their courses offer bite-size, chronological lessons to help you build a strong foundation of skills. Crossfader also has working relationships with the leading hardware manufacturers – Pioneer DJ, Serato, Denon DJ, RANE, Numark, etc., allowing them to create cutting-edge content using the latest tech.

With 18 courses in total, whilst they’re not a complete solution necessarily, they do offer a cheaper entry point compared to some of the competition, which will surely appeal to the ‘hobbyist’ DJ market.

As a way of delivering additional value to their students, Jamie’s team also provide access to various tools, such as free music download packs, beat matching tools and ‘Crossfader scratching loops’, for example.

Who are their courses best suited to? Well, if you’ve just bought a new DJ controller and you’re not sure what to do next, these guys might be a good match. Same as Digital DJ Tips, they also offer some genre-specific courses (such as the house mixing course), and uniquely, they filter all their courses based on skill level.

Their website also has a cool geo-targeting feature, so you should see prices in your local currency. Check out their full range of courses here.

Overall Rating:

6. DJ Courses Online

DJ Courses Online screenshot


The company ‘DJ Courses Online’ is a subscription service website specifically for DJs. The service has been around for several years now, and all the tutors are well-established industry professionals. A subscription grants you full access to their library.

Total DJ courses:Approx. 10
Cost:$19 per month (cancel anytime)

Pros & Cons:

Low financial barrier to get startedNo community support
‘Buffet style’ contentNo social media upkeep
Learn from a turntablist

More details/Conclusion:

As well as covering DJ basics and various set-up types, if you’re looking for some DJ mentorship, one of the more comprehensive courses at DJ Courses Online is the How To DJ: Masterclass. It’s presented by experienced DJ, producer & turntablist, DJ TLM.

Their other flagship courses/tutorials include ‘DJ Techniques’ levels 1, 2 & 3 (beginner, intermediate & advanced), which cover scratching, creative mixing, applying FX, and much more.

In addition to these core courses, they also have specific tutorials introducing industry-leading DJ software such as Serato, Rekordbox, Traktor, Mixed In Key and Ableton Live …not to mention a Career Tips course.

So what are the downsides? Well, unfortunately, they don’t update or add to the course library very often, so some of the content might be a little bit dated, and there aren’t any other benefits such as access to a community or personal support.

At the same time, there’s still plenty of value in here for the price if you want it, and much of the principles they teach are timeless. Plus, it’s a nice low financial bar to get started if you simply don’t have a few hundred dollars to spend!

Visit their website here to sign up.

Overall Rating:

7. Skillshare

Skillshare website snip (online courses for DJs & music producers)


With over a dozen umbrella topics, Skillshare is a ‘one-for-all’ online learning platform where you pay an annual subscription to access their entire library.

There are literally tens of thousands of courses, all for about $168 (US) a year. In the DJ niche specifically, they have over 20 different courses catering for beginner and intermediate-level DJs, plus well over 1000 courses relating to music production.

DJ-relevant courses:20+ (plus hundreds more for music producers)
Cost:$168 a year + a free 7-day trial (prices in US dollars)

Popular Courses:

The Complete DJ Livestreaming CourseThe Complete DJ Course For BeginnersThe Interactive Wedding DJ & MC Course
Ultimate Scratching For DJsWorking with A DJ: Events & WeddingsHow To DJ 101
Advanced DJ MixingCreative Guide to DJ: From Start To Finish

Pros & Cons:

Amazing value for money (one-stop-shop for all your online learning)Analysis paralysis (lack of focus)
Content for various DJ types Annual commitment
Most DJ/Producer crossover

More details/Conclusion:

Now typically we don’t like including ‘one-for-all’ online learning platforms on a list like this, although on closer inspection, we think the value you get with a Skillshare subscription is significant.

They have TONS of courses relevant to DJing, music production, musicians, singer-songwriters, the music industry – you name it, with all the course content broken down into smaller bite-size videos, as you’d expect.

One of their DJ-specific courses is run by Dubai-based DJ/producer, Costas Papa. This guy has 10 different courses in a series that kicks off with this one. Using a Pioneer CDJ setup with Rekordbox DJ software, you can easily follow along with a relevant Pioneer DJ controller. And that’s just one of many tutors!

Who is Skillshare BEST suited to? Well, if you’re still in the discovery phase as a DJ or artist and you know for sure that the music industry is your end-game, it’s a great place to start. You could even use it as a support mechanism in addition to a more specific one-off DJ course.

There are thousands of classes and over a dozen umbrella topics on the platform, all for about $168 (US) a year, and you also get a free 7-day trial. View all their DJ-related courses here.

Overall Rating:

Summary: Best Online DJ Courses

Just to recap, these are the 7 best online DJ courses in 2024:

  1. Point Blank Music School
  2. Digital DJ Tips
  3. Club Ready DJ School
  4. Pete Tony DJ Academy
  5. Crossfader
  6. DJ Courses Online
  7. Skillshare

What about other DJ courses online?

Whilst we’re confident our top 7 will cater for just about every conceivable DJ, there still might be another DJ course out there that offers something unique for your situation.

With that said, here are two more popular online learning platforms worth considering:


Having only launched in 2022, Virtuoso is an online learning platform and subscription service for anyone aspiring to get into the music industry. With new courses added all the time, there are currently more than 30 courses in the Virtuoso library relevant to DJing and music production.

For the price (roughly £80 a year), it’s probably better if you’re an aspiring DJ/producer; in which case you’ll get more value from a subscription. Visit their website here.


I’m sure you’ve all heard of Udemy. It’s a pay-per-course online learning platform. Whilst the courses on there won’t match up to the big players on our list, you can get some cheaper DJ courses for beginners, such as this course here.

It’s not bad if you’ve just bought a new DJ controller and you want to know the ropes without any fluff.


We understand just how valuable time and money can be, which is why we did our very best to represent the market as accurately as possible.

As you can see, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to learning to DJ online. Just 20 years ago, none of these platforms (or anything similar) existed.

It’s now up to YOU to take advantage of the incredible learning opportunity of these times, and to take action on your dreams!

Read this next: A comprehensive guide on How To Become A DJ.


Are DJ courses worth it?

The right online DJ course (and/or tutor) can offer a clear direction, potentially saving you months or even years of messing around and watching random videos on YouTube. As long as you choose the right one for you, they are worth it in our opinion.

What are the best DJ courses for beginners?

Nowadays, most DJ courses online cater for beginners …so there’s no straight answer to that! Better questions to ask yourself would be: ‘What am I trying to achieve’, and ‘How much can I sensibly afford to spend’. The best thing to do is keep these questions top of mind as you go through our list of the 7 best DJ course providers.

How much do online DJ schools cost?

The cost of online DJ schools varies widely. Basic courses may start at $50, while comprehensive programs can range from $200 to $1,000 or more. Factors influencing cost include course depth, instructor experience, and additional features like one-on-one sessions. Research and compare options based on your budget and learning preferences.

How long does a DJ course take?

The more comprehensive DJ courses typically take 2-4 weeks to complete, although they’re often ‘learn at your own pace’/on demand, so it may take longer. The ‘university-style’ courses can take 3-6 months or more.

What is the best free DJ course?

Whilst the best online DJ schools charge for their courses, many offer free content to get you started. One of the best we’ve found for this is Club Ready DJ School. They offer a free DJ mini-course that you can sign up for with your email address.

Do I need any qualifications to be a DJ?

You don’t need any special qualifications to be a DJ, regardless of DJ type. However, in addition to having a passion for what you do, and for the music of course, it’s certainly advantageous to have some basic people skills, charisma and business acumen.

Do you need a license to become a DJ?

No. However, if you wish to play music at your place of business, you may need to apply for relevant copyright licenses depending on your location.

Do online DJ courses provide certification?

Yes, many online DJ courses offer certification upon completion. However, the type and recognition of certification can vary. It’s best to check individual course details to ensure the certification aligns with your goals and industry standards.

How long does it take to learn to DJ?

Learning the basics of how to ”mix” can be achieved in as little as a few hours. However, being a DJ is about understanding music, programming, and reading a crowd or situation. To get good at the second two points means playing in front of real people. It can take many months or even years to gain that experience.

Where can I learn to DJ online?

As we cover in this post, there are some great online DJ schools out there nowadays that offer a wide range of affordable courses. As we mention in this post, some of our favorites include: Point Blank Music School, Club Ready DJ School, Digital DJ Tips and the Pete Tong DJ Academy.

Affiliate Disclosure: To help fund the website, some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you choose to make a purchase we’ll make a small commission from it. This NEVER costs you any extra as a result!

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