10 of the Best Sample Pack Websites for Music Producers in 2024

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Mostly targeted at electronic music producers, we thought we’d lay out 10 of the best sample pack websites on the market in 2024!

Regardless of your style of genre focus, these 10 sites will undoubtedly have you covered for all your royalty-free samples, loops, one-shots, templates, FX, MIDI packs – you name it.

To ensure the best possible chance your sounds are all high-quality and fully licensed (obviously we can’t guarantee anything, and you should always be diligent), we only selected reputable websites that we’re familiar with and have used ourselves.

So then… here are 10 of the best sample pack websites for music producers in 2024!

1. Loopmasters / Loopcloud

Loopmasters sample packs (website snip)

As one of the market leaders, Loopmasters has a HUGE library housing over 4 million samples and loops from various artists, producers and musicians – so it’s not a bad place to start.

In addition to sample packs, they also offer several online courses; plus they have a dedicated plugin store called Plugin Boutique.

Despite the massive number of sample packs on the site, it’s easy to find what you want. You can search by genre (this covers their interpretation of the electronic spectrum – an extensive list!), sound type, sample creator (label), and so on.

Loopmasters also carry a decent array of acoustic samples within genres like Blues, Country, and Jazz, not to mention Rock and Pop – all of which can be purchased in individual packs or larger genre-specific ‘bundles’. Visit the website here.

What’s Loopcloud?

Part of Loopmasters, Loopcloud is a sample management & music-making software that you pay a monthly subscription for. Whilst we won’t go into too much detail here, Loopcloud offers a more complete solution for music producers, similar in many ways to ‘Splice’ which we cover in No.8.

Their extensive (Loopmasters assisted) library has over 4 million high-quality royalty-free samples with plans starting at just $7.99 p/month. Visit their website here to start a free 14-day trial.

2. SampleSound

SampleSound (sample packs - website snip)

Again offering more of a marketplace of solutions and educational content (you can also purchase various software, plugins, courses, etc., not just sample packs), SampleSound is well worth a look for the more underground-leaning electronic music producer.

Carrying tons of awesome house & techno sample packs (popular for Underground techno, melodic techno, minimal/deep tech, tech house, and afro house, etc.), they have 20 umbrella genres in total including ambient, drum & bass, trap, nu-disco/funk, hip hop, soul/R&B, reggaeton and others.

Additionally, they partner with 40 different label partners and contributors, such as Ushuaia Music, Deeperfect Records, and Minar Records – so there’s plenty of diversification and sound-specific brands to explore as well.

Rest assured, all their sounds are 100% royalty-free, properly formatted, and compatible with all Digital Audio Workstations. Visit their website here and use promo code ‘25-WELCOME’ to get 25% off your first order.

3. BPM Create

BPM Create (best sample packs - website snip)

Under the umbrella brand of BPM Music, ‘BPM Create’ has thousands of sound packs and a daily updating library. This consists of close to 1 million sounds including loops, one-shots, FX, vocals, and more from various industry-leading sound designers and label partners.

As with their popular DJ record pool BPM Supreme (which is what the brand is widely known for), the genre selection is extensive, covering most dance, electronic, and mainstream categories, and it would be easier to list what they don’t have in that regard (note: Hip Hop & R&B are well represented).

A monthly subscription starts at just $4.99 p/month, with Premium at $9.99, and $14.99 on the top plan. To get more bang for your buck, use promo code ‘DJREVCREATE‘ to get 25% off! Visit the website here to sign up.

4. WA Production

WA Production sample packs (website snip)

With a library of over 500,000 audio samples, loops, one-shots, etc., and again offering more of a marketplace of solutions (such as plugins and courses), is WA Production.

They have sounds relevant to a huge range of (what might be described as) dance, electronic and mainstream genres such as House, Tech House, Trance, Techno, EDM, Funk, Hip Hop, R&B, Pop, Jazz & Blues, Country, and so on; whilst also carrying less common styles like Brazilian Bass, Melbourne Bounce, and Hardstyle to name just a few.

As well as paying for packs individually, WA Production also have a pay-as-you-go service called ‘Loopacademy’ which you buy credits for. If you’re not into that, they even have a 3-tier subscription service which gives you varied access to everything on the site starting at just $6.90 p/month.

As you’d expect, all their files are high-quality, royalty-free and properly tagged. Visit their website here for a better look.

5. Ghosthack

Ghosthack sample packs (website snip)

Sneaking in below the radar, another site we like is Ghosthack. Whilst they’re a much smaller operation than most on this list, they have a great (and in some cases alternative) selection of sample packs for electronic music producers.

As they don’t have a ton of genres, here’s the full list:

Disco/FunkDowntempoDrum & Bass
DubstepEDMExperimental Music
Future BassHardstyleHip Hop
TranceTrapCinematic (for filmmakers)

If we were going to pick something unique about Ghosthack, it’s surely their ‘Ultimate Producer Bundle’. This massive bundle includes 24 sample packs all in one collection, consisting of various samples, loops, vocals and FX, etc., relevant to the electronic music spectrum – all for about €80 Euro.

With all 13,000 sounds royalty-free and cleared for commercial use, this bundle deal is great if you’re just getting started and/or if you want a broad selection of genres to underpin your sound library!

More generally, as you would hope, all their sounds are high-quality and work with all DAWs and samplers. Visit their website here or grab that sample pack bundle via this link.

6. Production Music Live (PML)

PML (best house & techno sample packs - website snip)

Popular for their online courses teaching music production, Production Music Live (or PML) has tons of cool Sound Packs and Presets centred around underground electronic music.

As a ‘niche’ specialist, their sound packs largely consist of sub-genres such as Melodic House & Techno, Minimal Techno, Progressive Techno, Tech House, Afro House, and so on – all fully mastered and royalty-free. Additionally, they partner with established music producers such as Ben Bohmer, Jimi Jules, Tim Engelhardt, and others, whose sound packs all keep in line with the same underground theme.

Their various packs, which is approximately 100, start at around €20 Euro. View the full list here and use promo code ‘PML20’ to get 20% off any initial purchase!

7. ADSR Sounds

ADSR Sounds (one of the best sample pack websites - website snip)

Once again with a massive library of content, ADSR Sounds offers sample packs, loops, presets, plugins, and literally hundreds of free tutorials and paid courses on countless topics and DAWs.

With well over 50 genres that cover the full spectrum of dance, electronic and mainstream styles, they have tons of not-so-common packs relevant to Nu-disco, Oldschool, Chicago House, Garage, Chillstep, and more.

As with all the sites we cover on this list, the user experience is generally very good, and you can filter a search either by genre, format, or label.

Their sample packs (and everything else on the site) can either be purchased individually or as part of a bundle deal. Visit their website here.

8. Splice

Splice Sounds (website snip)

Representing another market leader, Splice has a HUGE sound library containing millions of samples, loops, one-shots, MIDI, presets, etc., covering most conceivable genres and instruments – all of which are curated by A-list artists, labels and sound designers.

A direct competitor of Loopcloud, Splice is basically a subscription service which gives you broader access to their music-making and learning platform, integrating your DAW, etc.

Due to its vast selection of sounds, Splice’s sample library is arguably worth a subscription all by itself, with plans starting at $12.99 p/month for 100 sound credits + other benefits. And whilst you can’t buy packs as standalone purchases, you can take everything you’ve downloaded with you if you unsubscribe.

Visit their website here to start a 14-day trial or browse their massive library of sounds via this link.

9. Producer Loops

Producer Loops (best sample packs - website snip)

Since 2004, and with literally hundreds of contributors and label partners, Producer Loops has been a marketplace for musicians, producers, DJs, and film producers – providing all sorts of loops, sample packs, FX, MIDI files, DAW templates, construction kits, instrument & effects plugins, and more.

Whilst they list their popular genres as Ambient/Chillout, Cinematic, EDM, Hip Hop, House, Lo-Fi Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Trance and Trap – they also carry sounds relevant to niche-specific styles like Acid House, Breakbeat, Tribal House, Tropical House, and others.

Some of the packs might be considered a little pricey, but then again, the niche-specific ‘hidden gems’ on there might be worth it if that’s what you’re looking for, and they also have heaps of bundle deals as well. Visit the website here to check it out.

10. Landr

Landr sample packs (website snip)

As well as providing exclusive plugins and housing over 2 million sounds, Landr offers a marketing-leading solution to master and distribute your music.

Priced at around $120 p/year, or $19.99 p/month (US), their flagship subscription-only service (‘Landr Studio’) provides ‘’all the tools you need to create, produce and release music’’. Alternatively, if all you’re looking for is sample packs, then their ‘Samples Pro’ plan is only $75 for the year. This gets you 1200 sample credits.

Landr is another little gem that isn’t to be overlooked, and certainly worth checking out if those key selling points sound interesting! Visit their website here.

Summary: Best Sample Pack Websites for Music Producers

Just to recap, these were our 10 favourite sample pack websites for electronic music producers in 2024:

  1. Loopmasters (and LoopCloud)
  2. SampleSound
  3. BPM Create
  4. WA Production
  5. Ghosthack
  6. Production Music Live (PML)
  7. ADSR Sounds
  8. Splice
  9. Producer Loops
  10. Landr


Where can I find the best sample packs for house music?

Whilst there’s an abundance of great house music packs out there, you can’t go wrong on sites like Loopmasters and ADSR Sounds. Production Music Live (PML) is also a good one if you’re into melodic house & techno.

Where can I find free sample packs?

Bear in mind that some free sample packs will require you to give credit to the creator, or you may need to download a license. Here are some other sites to explore:

  • R-loops
  • Noiiz
  • Soundcamp
  • Big Fish Audio
  • Cymatics
  • Looperman
  • Sample Focus

How can I create my own sample packs?

Creating your own sample packs can be a great way to monetize your work as a music producer. For a deeper dive into the process we’d recommend following specialist blogs such as Splice, Production Music Live and Native Instruments.

Do professional producers use sample packs?

Yes, professional producers often use sample packs. They’re a valuable resource for professionals and beginners alike.

Is it legal to use sample packs?

Yes, it is generally legal to use sample packs in music production. However, it is important to carefully review the licensing terms provided by the sample pack provider, as some may have specific restrictions or require proper attribution when using their samples in commercial projects.

Related resources:

Affiliate Disclosure: To help fund the website, some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means if you choose to make a purchase we’ll make a small commission from it. This NEVER costs you any extra as a result!

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